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We are the Northeast's premier driveshaft specialist.

We offer complete driveshaft services including driveshaft assemblies, parts, repairs and dynamic balancing.

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We stock the parts so our customers can have their vehicles back on the road.

We have the full line of Spicer U-JTS FM 1000 to 1810 series, including SPL55 thru SPL250, plus many wing bearing type, inside/outside snap ring conversion U-JTS and others. Gilbert Driveline stocks a complete line of center bearings, companion flanges, double cardan JT components, end yokes, flange yokes, midship stub shafts and splined tube shafts, transmission sleeve yokes and driveshaft sleeve yokes, tubing, weld yokes, and yoke shafts. We also stock many DANA 35-80 axle parts and Chelsea Power take off parts and components.

Check out our parts gallery below if you aren't sure of its name. Please contact one of our professionals at any time or drop in to discuss your driveshaft problems. We are here to assist you in solving your driveshaft problems.

Custom driveshaft for a loyal customer.

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